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Nutritional Supplement Information

Salem State University
Athletic Department- Athletic Training
NCAA Division III - Drug Policies
Nutritional & Dietary Supplement Information
Know the Difference


Drug Class
Anabolic Steroids
Hormone Antagonists
Beta 2 Agonists
Dietary/Nutritional Supplements
Warning: Use at own risk
Hormone related
Banned if over 140 mg a day


for a complete list go to:
Banned/ Impermissible    What is the difference?
Banned is just that,, BANNED..Known substance, ingredient, etc will produce
A positive drug test. These include: CAFFEINE, GUARANA, EPHEDRA
Impermissible can be confusing. These substances are NOT recommended and CAN lead to a positive drug test mostly because purity of ingredients can not be measured or determined. USE AT OWN RISK. These include: 
Amino Acids (taurine, L-theanine or “propriety protein)
Creatine                     Melatonin
Ginseng                     Whey Protein Powders
Green Tea Leaf         Weight Gainers (Muscle Milk, EAS, etc)
Caffeine What’s the big HYPE!!!
1.    It is a banned substance. (Approx. 140mg a day which is equal to about 16oz depending on product.
2.   Stays in system approx. 8 hours with maximum concentration within 1 hour.
Negative consequences
Increased heart rate, constricts blood to brain, diuretic, tremors, headache, anxiety. Combined with taurine, effects are even worse.
NCAA Division III - Drug Policies
Nutritional & Dietary Supplement Information
Caffeine (some examples) Think before you drink


Caffeine (mg)
Dunkin Donuts 16 oz
143 mg
Can of Soda 12oz
40-145 mg
Monster “Energy” 16oz
160 mg
Rockstar 16 oz
150-330 mg
Red Bull 16 oz
170 mg
Sobe No Fear 16 oz
174 mg
Redline Power Rush
350 mg
Starbucks Coffee 16 oz
330 mg
Caffe Mocha 16 oz
175 mg


Is Flavored Water safe?!!
(Vitamin/ SOBE water) some are ok, some are banned or impermissible
Make sure you read your labels for ingredients!!


Power-C dragonfruit
Energy tropical
Caffeine, guarana seed
B-Relaxed jackfruit guava
Rescue Green tea
Green tea extract
Balanc cran-grapefruit


Supplement Advisory:
Products sold over-the-counter and through the internet for sexual performance enhancement may contain banned anabolic agents, including testosterone and DHEA. Also, weight loss products or products sold to reduce water retention may contain stimulants and diuretics, banned by the NCAA.
Marijuana/ Tobacco Warning
Both substances are BANNED. In addition, the bi-products stay in your system the longest (compared to other substances) and vary depending on use (occasional or regular user). Tobacco use averages from 5 days to 2 weeks and marijuana ranges from 5 to 30 days. It is strongly recommended that you avoid using these substances. If you feel you might have a dependency issue, please feel free to speak with an athletic trainer privately and confidentially or visit health services for help.
NCAA Division III - Drug Policies
Nutritional & Dietary Supplement Information
Include many common drugs ADD/ADHD medications (Ritalin, concerta, strattera) Sleeping medications, Anxiety/Depression medications, Asthma medications.
If you have been prescribed any of these medications, the NCAA requires
specific exemption forms to be completed by your physician. Contact the
athletic training staff for these forms.
Still not sure: Visit Drug Free Sport: 877-202-0769
                      Passcode: ncaa3
                       Any supplement product or medication, even those that do not
                        seem to be targeted to athletic performance, needs to be checked
                       with the athletic training staff. Speak with one of the certified
                       athletic trainers’
1.    supplements are a HUGE loosely regulated market targeting young athletes (14-24years). It is a business trying to make a profit with minimal if any “true” confirmed benefits/statistics of producing significant gains in muscle, energy or strength.
2.    Read your labels. Know what you are consuming
3.    Anything that says “ENERGY” is most likely NOT a good idea to consume. Quick, short term increases in energy are not worth the negative side effects.
The following NCAA Drug Education and Drug Testing resources are available at:
        2010-11 NCAA Drug-Testing Program Booklet
        2010-11 NCAA Banned Drug Classes
        NCAA Drug Policies Brochure
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